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Barefoot Architect

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It is some years since I first came across the expression "Barefoot Architect". It was in connection with an organisation in India, and connected to Barefoot Doctors. I recall that information about them seemed fairly nebulous at the time.
Recently coming across a book with the title "The Barefoot Architect" I was prompted to see if I could find out more about the "Barefoot Architect".
I was surprised and amazed to find that it appears to be a large and impressive educational establishment, The Barefoot College, training not only barefoot architects and doctors, but a whole host of trades, skills, professions and expertise.
It's main purpose is to enable rural communities to provide for and control their own development, principally through knowledge and expertise.

The book, as it happens, has no connection with the Barefoot College.
It's subtitle is 'A Handbook for Green Building", and is written by Johan van Lengen, and published by Shelter Publications, California (publishers of the seminal "Shelter" by Lloyd Kahn).
The book is a manual of design and building for self-builders of all climates, cultures and societies.
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