A special place

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A special place

Unread postby Barrie Christian » 10 Aug 2012, 15:58

As just one example of how a place can feel special, I used to visit Kettle's Yard, in Cambridge.
Kettle's Yard is a charming group of cottages at the north end of Cambridge, looking onto a back entrance to St John's. It was a home and an art gallery. Home to Jim Ede, and home to his wonderful collection of objects, furniture, books, sculptures and paintings. The original buildings had been extended by Leslie Martin.
My first visits were when Jim Ede was still there. Entering itself was unusual - pulling a thin rope to ring a bell, for the door to be opened by Jim Ede himself.
I am not able to convey the very special atmosphere of that place. There was a feeling of calm and peace, but at the same time, there were all these beautiful and exciting objects everywhere. It was a very intimate place, full of separate areas where it was possible just to sit down and take it all in - no hurry.
Jim Ede's book about Kettle's Yard, 'A Way of Life' not only describes the origins and details of Kettle's Yard, but his comments on the contents reveals the deep spirituality of his life, and the items themselves. Perhaps it is that spirituality which touches everyone who visits there, and unconsciously, makes it so very special.
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